Diary of a Dreamer.

The poppers literally went past my stairs. 


The poppers literally went past my stairs. 

So much to do, with time flying by so fast. 

I really did it. I got a dragon ball tattoo on my ankle the other day. Call me a dedicated fan or whatever you want but I know exactly why I got it. Without Akira Toriyama’s work I wouldn’t be doing what I am today. Drawing

In less than one month I’ll be moving to San Francisco for the college life. It’s crazy. Independence is a must in the next months ahead. I’m really gonna need new friends. 

The goal is not always to be the first to ever do it. But to do it in a “new” and unique way, that’s what really matters most. To improve upon an existing idea through creativity and concentration, other’s will most likely think your doing something completely “new”..

The only real friend I have to hangout with on Friday night’s is the Internet.

I don’t think I’m that weird.

I still can’t believe I’ll be doing this all alone come spring. Nervous and excitement at the same time scares me, sorta.

Currently turned off by the idea of getting tattoos again. All thanks to the failure douche bags with incorrect Chinese symbols. Yet, their probably still racist towards Asians deep down. 

When I was younger it was a lot easier for me to remember dreams. Nowadays I can even remember any upon waking up.